Steel City Crusade

More than hometown pride
The Crusade
About the Crusade:

A passion like this can not be explained - only experienced.
Experience a game as a real fan should. Whether it be your 1st game or annual trip, a package with a Heinz Field VIP Tour and Steelers player autograph sessions is not something you want to miss!
Let us help you get there.
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The schedule is out!! Where do you want to go this year? Charlotte, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, Atlanta....?
Come with us...

Steel City Crusade trip Sept 2011 - Steelers home opener

Steel City Crusade is here to help continue this phenomenon. We handle all of the details, including air and ground transportation,  hotel accommodation, ticket to game, and events with other loyal fans at the game location city. Traveling to a hostile territory (i.e. opponent's stadium) does not need to be stressful. Leave the planning to us. We just ask that you wave your terrible towel like crazy, cheer and have a great time.  

Steel City crusade Steelers Trip - NY 2012
                                                   Steelers in NY 2012

Steel City Crusade Steelers trip AZ 2011   Steel City Crusade Steelers Opener 2011
                   Steelers in AZ 2011 - Heinz Field West                                       Steelers Home Opener 2011

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